VIDEO: Removing Amine Blush from Cured Epoxy

Frequent users of epoxy, such as the TotalBoat 5:1 Epoxy, will know this dilemma all too well. Amine blush appears after a perfect epoxy job has cured and adds another step to what is most likely a multi-step process to begin with.  It’s easy enough to clean the blush off – and it’s imperative! Leaving it on the cured surface will pretty much guarantee that any coatings applied to the epoxy will not cure or adhere.

There is confusion about how to best remove the blush from cured epoxy, however. Most people assume reaching for a solvent like acetone or mineral spirits will remove the blush and solve the problem – however this is not the case. Using a solvent only worsens the problem, spreading the blush around the finish and possibly even embedding it into the cured epoxy.

Watch the helpful, short video above to learn about how to easily make this problem disappear. And then share the video, comment on it below or on YouTube and let us know what you think. We want to know and we make these videos to demystify seemingly straightforward processes like epoxy application.




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