VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Using 5:1 Epoxy Pumps

In doing a video release EVERY Friday (that’s right! A NEW video from us every Friday!) we thought it was important to tackle questions and project issues that arise often in the TotalBoat Tech Help Center. Turns out, they get lots of inquiries about the proper way to use the TotalBoat 5:1 Epoxy pumps – so here you go! This should answer any questions a user might have and sort out uncertainties with the pump colors, the straws that are included and how to attach and trim them and of course the BIG CONFUSION – How many pumps of each resin and hardener to use to get the 5:1 mixture right.

The answer: ONE pump of each. The different pumps are calibrated to deliver 5 parts of the resin with ONE pump, and ONE part of the hardener with a single pump.

Could it be any easier? This video will guide you through installing new pumps and using them. Hope you enjoy! And may your 5:1 epoxy always be just that – 5 parts resin to one part hardener!

And of course, for bigger jobs, you can always pour and measure with our handy TotalBoat mixing cups. You have choices, people! Go for it!

Happy (new video) Friday!


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