Video Feature: “You Can Do It In a Small Boat”

Set aside 25 minutes of your holiday morning  (Happy President’s Day) and delight in this little boat doing a BIG trip. This Boston Whaler is what most people assume should be confined to bays, small harbors and near coastal fishing trips – and those people are mostly right. But the purpose of this video, is that you need not have a crewed yacht or even a cruising boat to go cruising. Now, this is more like camping, but the idea is a cruisers mentality. The boat can get you to places you simply cannot reach by land. And lots of them.

So fill your coffee cup, and sit back to enjoy this peaceful trip up the coast of Maine almost to the Canadian border. This was a well planned trip and all the required safety considerations seem to have been accounted for – including how to secure the boat for the night when a 12-foot tide is expected, common to the very northern reaches of this Downeast Maine’s coast.

New England, like many coastal areas we all enjoy, has so much to offer in the way of island and harbor hopping. With a small boat you can quickly get between locations and not break the bank or the boat getting there.

This trip is akin to a solo hike on the Appalachian Trail – but to us boaters, it seems more enjoyable. Foggy sunrises, fish hopping in schools at sunset, the special “wet” that you can’t escape when boating – it’s special and specific to boating. And this guy nails it. Hop aboard and go for a 500 mile ride in 25 minutes. You won’t regret it. And it will give you something to dream up for your impending summer season on the water.

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