Video of the Week: Building a Kayak – Part 3

Back in the TotalBoat Workshop, the kayak build of a Chesapeake Light Craft 17 is coming along and with the deck ready for fiberglassing, the boat is using up plenty of TotalBoat products, part of our goal in this training and team building project. This video shows the TotalBoat Tech Team working with fiberglass on the newly attached deck and follows them as they cut hatches in the deck, attach the cockpit combing and try out the brand new TotalBoat Crystal Clear Hardener (Coming soon!) with the TotalBoat 5:1 Epoxy. 

Building a small kayak or rowboat should not be intimidating. The scale of the project is workable and you can learn quickly as you go through the various steps of the build. Most of these skills translate well to bigger scale projects and and leaves you in the end with a very cool boat. And a whole host of great skills to take you and your boating projects to a new level.  Enjoy!



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