Tips from A Shipwright: Planking with Lou

Lou, the Shipwright with the hot tips, is back with his Herreshoff 12 1/2 project, Remora. Planking on any restoration can be challenging because you have to get that bevel right in order for the boards to fit together tightly – which is the goal of any wooden boat’s planking. Leave it to Lou to come up with an ingenious system for getting that progressive bevel cut just right, guiding your plane along the board it is meant to meet to guide the angle of that cut. With some simple, yet clever inventions to make the job go smoothly, Lou’s videos are a hit because of his easy and captivating presentation – even if you never plan to plane or bevel or go boating. Tips from a Shipwright is series not to miss. And you can catch your weekly dose right here at

What’s your favorite thing about Lou and his tips?



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