Obsessed With Water[lust]

Water is not all boats and bathtubs. Sometimes it’s the science of water and buoyancy that amazes us and this video has been amazing me all week long. Aside from the fact that it’s a truly uplifting and inspirational story, I am beyond impressed and drawn to the folks at Waterlust who continue to push out high quality videos about everything that has to do with lusting for water.

In, on, above and under the water – it’s the biggest element on earth and in our watery world of boats – it’s the common thread that ties us all together. Maybe you are a fresh water boater, or maybe saltwater.  Rivers, lakes, streams. Fisherman, kiteboarder, or maybe you surf. Wooden boats or plastic fantastics – we all do our thing on our own terms, in and on our own bodies of water.

This particular video is so poignant and points to the wonderful ways of the Archimedes’ Principle which states (and I quote or “borrow” from the Waterlust explanation) that an object submersed in a fluid will experience and upward force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by that object. This law of physics is especially important in the field of aqua therapy, and allows patients with severe injuries to improve their strength without bearing their full weight.

Check out the amazing work being done by Waterlust. After you watch this video. And I am guessing you might watch it more than once.



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