RRS Boaty McBoatface!


If you put it out there for public opinion or vote, chances are these days you might not get back what you were hoping for. Such is the case with England’s new polar research vessel currently being designed and soon to be under construction. The $287 million polar research ship deserves a mighty name, so the British government put it out to social media to vote on the name. The frontrunner? (By a landslide so far….) Boaty McBoatface. YES! For real!

Entered into the contest by a public relations professional and former BBC employee, James Hand, the name caught hold immediately and is killing the competition – with second place name in the running being RRS James Worsley, named after the British Polar explorer who recently died in Antarctica. Worsley was trekking the South Pole when he became seriously ill and was evacuated to Ushuaia where he passed away.

But Boaty McBoatface has a serious lead over the Bristish Polar Hero, for now, that is. And as James Hand apologizes and the media catches onto this contest – yep – you guessed it – Boaty McBoatface gains traction in the poles.

Go ahead and cast your own vote and see what all the fuss is about.: https://nameourship.nerc.ac.uk/entries.html

Gems like “I Like Big Boats and I Cannot Lie,” or “Ice, Ice Baby” are amongst the other front runners. But no one name is catching on quite like Hand’s entry. Let’s see if the Brits actually go through with it – the contest has until mid April to collect and tally the names. So go take a vote and witness the crazy that is powered by social media and the internet. Poor ship….-

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