Donna Lange Makes Landfall at the Panama Canal

Photo from Cruising World Magazine

Photo from Cruising World Magazine

Donna Lange is safe and sound in a marina near the entrance of the Panama Canal. She found her way here after a rough passage in the Southern Ocean which, when a series of strong storms knocked her boat down, broke the boom and swamped the cockpit and much of the cabin and vital electronics. While she remains without an engine, GPS and many of the other luxuries that might “save” her, she has a serious resolve, some on shore support and her trusty sails which got her safely to this point. Now the challenge is getting through the Panama Canal to the Atlantic Side where she will stop for repair. But having no engine and getting through the canal is serving up a bit of a challenge. Nothing that her shore companion, Bob Philburn, can’t handle though.

Check out this great update with Donna and Cruising World Executive Editor, Herb McCormick, and consider chipping in to help Donna defray costs of getting repaired and back home to Rhode Island!

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