Video of the Week: Making a Plug for a Mold – Part 3

Apologies. If you are looking for the TOPSIDE PAINTING VIDEO – CLICK HERE

Step back into the TotalBoat Workshop, where Stephan is filling and fairing the fiberglass covered foam plug of the seat he is building for his motorcycle, using TotalBoat’s easy-to-use TotalFair Epoxy Fairing Compound. While Stephan may be building a motorcycle seat, his easy to follow video will show you how to make a plug for a mold that can be translated to make almost any part you like, using fiberglass or carbon fiber and epoxy.

This video is part 3 of our series, so if you missed Part 1 or Part 2 – check those out first and then watch part 3. Let us know in the comments if you have other methods for plug making – or if you have success following Stephan’s method.


7 thoughts on “Video of the Week: Making a Plug for a Mold – Part 3

  1. So much for learning how to prepare for a topside paint job! Your link led me to how to prepare for a plug for a mold!!!!!!

  2. hello,
    i would like to know please if it is possible to use another putty than the epoxy yellow one ? could i use the putty used for metal before making epoxy primer and then paint ?

    sorry for the previous comment it was posted by mistake

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