Customer Story: Time to Paint in Alabama

Laurie, a TotalBoat Call Center team member, helped her relatives in Alabama with acquiring what was needed to spiff up their boat. Learning as they go about how to sail and the joys of boat maintenance, they are engaged in a trial by fire experiment with their first boat. With Laurie and our other JD call center tech team members always available to help at the end of the phone – they forge ahead and get it done. Here is their story:
It’s an O’Day22, built in 1972. We bought it ( boat and trailer )  for $500 at a Church garage sale. The bottom looked okay so I figured I could fix up the rest. We gutted the inside, cleaned it , painted it, fixed a few leaks in the windows and ” roof “, learned how to step the mast, and made a gin pole to help keep it straight and safe during the process of raising and lowering it. Am still trying to figure out how to control the main sail while underway, and the rudder at the same time. With the boat lift we bought from you we just finished applying a little more fiberglass to the few scrapes in the hull and with the new bottom paint and topside paint it now looks almost brand new. We are surprised how well the Total Boat Underdog and the Wet Edge topside paint (in Whaler Blue) went on just with rollers and brushes. Thank you for a great product. And with the last few years of practicing with refiberglassing I almost know what I’m doing now, thanks to all of the Call center help with the literature and everything JD sent.
It was real scary trying to lift the boat up off the trailer to paint it but it all worked out very well. The old sails that came with the boat are kind of worn and ripped but hopefully enough to give it a try in the Gulf near Daphne, in Mobile Bay, and also in a small lake near us here in Andalusia, called Point A Lake. I’m trying to have a good sail made right now but haven’t given the sail maker the go ahead yet because of the cost. Barb did most of the painting. I just did the prep work and the trim.
We took out the old toilet and sink and made more room for sitting or sleeping, but only intend to do day sailing for now, and learn what we’re doing while doing it. Of course all the old wiring had to be replaced so we could have running lights if needed, and I had to crawl around in tight spaces under the cockpit area in order to rebuild the motor mount for the necessary outboard motor. We are just going to use a 6 hp Suzuki outboard with a regular shaft instead of the extended shaft because with the adjustable motor mount there is enough depth for the propeller. This way we can also use the new motor on the catamaran I built out of the two 18 ft canoes I’ve built over the past 4 years.
I may still have to replace the the old tabernacle hinge that allows us to step the mast because it is a little bent, but we shall see. Once the motor comes in we hope to see how the whole thing floats and whether or not I’ve learned enough from sailing the canoes to be able to handle the O’Day.
Thanks so much for all your help, Laurie and for the help and products from Jamestown Distributors.

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