Moth Racing in Japan


When Chris Museler asked to bring some TotalBoat to the US Moth Fleet as they trained off South Carolina and Bermuda this winter, we were all too psyched to oblige. Helping these high tech sailors keep their flying boats in top racing form is akin to aircraft maintenance. Make it light, make it strong – and fix it fast!

So when top US Moth sailor, Victor Diaz de Leon, came to us asking for TotalBoat sponsorship, we knew we could help. We knew the Moth fleet used and liked the TotalBoat 5:1 epoxy, they loved Thixo, our thixotropic epoxy in the tube and they were mostly all already JD customers, ordering carbon fiber, paints, adhesives and of course – epoxy.

So we packed up a box of TotalBoat goodies, plenty of epoxy and TB hats and tees – and sent it over to Victor. He was training hard for the Moth worlds in Japan where the competition was sure to be fierce. And he represented us and the US very nicely. Finishing 9th in a fleet of more than 70 boats, we’d say that’s pretty dang good. We are stoked to be helping up budding athletes and super sailors like Victor. Keep your eye on his name – we are guessing you’ll see it around the top finishers in the Moth fleet any day….

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