Video of the Week: How to Use Teak Oil

If you have recently cleaned teak that you’d rather not varnish, but want to protect, teak oil is a great option. In just one application you can see the wood absorbing the oil, protecting the grain from salt, sun and other harmful exposure. Teak oil is easy to apply with just a rag and needs little upkeep, other than a few coats every few months to keep it’s bright appearance.
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One thought on “Video of the Week: How to Use Teak Oil

  1. The video does not address fire safety. Rags used for applying or wiping off teak oil can (and often do) spontaneously combust. They should be rinsed out and kept wet in a metal can until they can be properly disposed of, or treated according to approved workplace safety procedures. Spontaneous combustion fires are nasty, as I learned the hard way.

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