Why You Should Use TotalBoat Epoxy Resin – An Honest Review

We found this review online from an enthused user of TotalBoat Epoxy. It’s ease of use and application makes it a favorite for boatbuilding, boat repair and lots of jobs around the house, too!

It’s so nice when someone else tests and reviews products and processes so you can cut to the chase and get your work done on the boat or at home. Mister Pirate Booty has done just that, as he prepares to fiberglass the port ring that goes around the porthole (window) to his boat.  “Pirate Booty” has great success with his port ring and even finds it is easy to use on plastic. The pumps are calibrated to help you dispense without measuring – one pump of each does all the ratio work for you, dispensing 5 parts of the Resin to the one pump/ one part of the hardener. And since this video was made, we have added some great new hardeners to the TotalBoat Epoxy line to make all season epoxying easier! Check out the Tropical Hardener, the Fast and Slow hardeners and the new Crystal Clear hardener.

Pirate Booty gives TotalBoat Epoxy a 2-Thumbs Up rating – which we love because we don’t know him and we did not ask for his review. An honest, straightforward review can’t be bought – but it sure can be appreciated.  Thanks Pirate Booty!



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