TotalBoat Photo Contest – Have You Entered?


It’s been super fun to see the submissions coming in for our TotalBoat Project Photo Contest.  The variety of projects is fun to see and ranges from topside paint jobs using Wet Edge Paint to varnish boats, boards and hatches, lots of Boston Whaler restorations and bottom jobs.

If you have yet to submit to the photo contest – you still have time! We are accepting entries through July and will announce our winner.

Submit your photos showing your TotalBoat Product Project and mention in your email what TotalBoat products you used, any details about the boat (Including make and model) and your own details including name, address and if you have it handy, your JD account number.

Have a look at the photo contest album posted on our Facebook page. It’s an impressive collection of DIY boaters getting their hands dirty and making their boats better. And it’s music to our motto: For Boaters and Their Craft. Because it is a craft to maintain any boat and if you’re doing it yourself then you appreciate the knowledge you need and the resources it takes to provide great products and services to boaters.

Send your image submission to

See full contest submission rules and details on our photo contest page.




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