Sea Chair – Art from A Plastic Ocean

Have a look at this beautiful video that speaks to the fact that the ocean is full of all the consumer plastics we use that just Won’t. Go. Away! These clever fishermen decided to do something with all the plastic they pulled up in their nets and create a memento of their bycatch.  Ocean health should matter to anyone who gets enjoyment from time on the waves and in the water. And I think that means YOU! 

This little video should matter to you and capture your attention because it is beautifully filmed and is something we can relate to as boaters. We need to protect our oceans and waterways from plastic which threatens marine life and our own existence, too.

Imagine taking something threatening like the plastic these fishermen pull out of the ocean, and turning it into art -it’s an excellent concept. The tools and technique used to melt the plastic down and mold it into a smart looking stool is not out of the reach of most of us. We can use this example to take our own recycling to the next level. See beyond the single use – see to the form and function that can exist by repurposing or reforming, as these fishermen did.

From the Vimeo page:  Since the discovery of the Pacific Garbage Patch in 1997, which is predicted to measure twice the size of Texas, five more have been found across the world’s oceans with the Atlantic gyre predicted to be even larger. This plastic takes thousands of years to degrade, remaining in the environment to be broken up into ever smaller fragments by ocean currents.

The gyre stretches from the coastlines of California to the shores of Japan. Recent studies have estimated 46,000 pieces of plastic per square kilometer of the world’s oceans. The number of plastic pieces in the Pacific Ocean has tripled in the last ten years and the size of the accumulation is set to double in the next ten.

Sea Chair is made entirely from plastic recovered from our oceans. Together with local fishermen, Studio Swine collects and processes the marine plastic into a stool at sea.

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