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If you’re reading this, then most likely you already know how we try to tailor our content in this space to be many things for many boaters….namely: newsworthy, informative, helpful, enlightening and entertaining. There is so much you need to know when you own and maintain a boat and we try to be a helpful resource for the parts and knowledge you need to get your jobs done.

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Weekly, we launch new videos aimed at making your boating experience more hands-on, more fun and less tedious for you and your pocket. Our How-To videos often feature helpful advice from the TotalBoat sponsored Tips from A Shipwright video series with Louis Sauzedde, who most people, boatbuilder or not, seem to really appreciate.

Our own how-to videos try to tackle the questions we commonly get asked in our call center and on the tech help hotline. Our TotalBoat YouTube channel is devoted solely to helping you with your boating projects and also gives advice on how to use our TotalBoat products. Our tried and true Jamestown TV YouTube Channel goes a bit deeper into systems aboard, engine work, and beyond. Both are handy channels to have on your radar and if you subscribe, you will be notified when we upload new content. (weekly!)

We do it for you and we want to know what you want to read about, watch videos on and discuss so let us know in the comments and we will do our best to oblige. And as usual – thanks for reading, watching and SHARING!

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