Comanche’s Transatlantic Record

It’s over and they did it – Team Comanche has unofficially smashed the transatlantic record by 1 day and 3 hours!

Photo by Shannon Falcone

Photo by Shannon Falcone

The 100 foot boat broke a longstanding TransAt record set by Mari Cha IV who set the Transatlantic Record in 2003, making the crossing in 6 days, 17 hours, 52 minutes, at an average speed above 19 knots.

This sailing machine was built to smash records, meaning she has a MANUAL sail trim system aboard, allowing the sailors to trim and ease the massive sails by human power – no hydraulics or help from machines. This was required for the record and was no small task as the boys were sailing 24/7 – well – 24/6 and almost 18 hours.

So congrats to the Comanche team! What a feat! What could be next for this super yacht? This video clip is really sudio but gives you some on board insight into the record setting run! Well done, boys!


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