Intergalactic Success for the O’pen Bic Regatta

IMG_1862The 2nd O’pen Bic Intergalactic Regatta took place Thursday and can be officially deemed another big success for all involved.  Kids were laughing and high-fiving. Boats were planing and capsizing. Parents were cheering and applauding. The weather was sunny and the wind was fresh. Conditions on Blue Bill Cove were a 10, with about 15-18 knots of wind by the time we started the final races. And some kids felt nervous about racing in the building breeze, so the Race Committee announced that the 2-man teams should sail together for more fun and less stress.  And this was an UNRegatta – so fun was the priority and scoring – oh yeah – no scoring. Just full fledged fun on the race course.

Here are some photos to hold you over until our video recap is released (coming soon!). Everyone seemed to enjoy their teammates, the sporty Bic ride, some TotalBoat giveaways (hats and tees and some swag from GILL)  and lots of water gun action. It was a super day with some great sailors and some new ones, too – all of whom reported back that it was “Super fun!” We’ll take it and hope that all these enthusiastic sailors speak out about how fun capsizing can be – and how easy it is to bail on an O’pen Bic. Oh wait – no bailing! Even better.

So grab a boat – and help us get this fleet going at your local club or sailing program. They are easy to sail and plenty of fun – not to mention they are NOT square and do NOT fill with water or bob around like tops. They rip! They plane! They are easy to trim and easier to right… and no bailing? we are sold – how about you? Grab an O’pen BIC here from JD. Your sailors will thank you!

And we thank everyone who came out to make our Intergalactic Regatta a HUGE success. Stand by for an UnRegatta line at NBYA Junior Race Week! We can’t wait!

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