TotalBoat Project – Photo Contest Winners!


We had such an outpouring of excellent entries to our TotalBoat Product Photo Contest, that we couldn’t choose just one winner. So we decided to award THREE entries as winner in three categories:
Best Photo, Best Project, and Most TotalBoat Products Used.
Each winner will get a $50 JD credit!


You can check out all of the entries – and there were SO many great ones – on our Facebook page

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WINNER: Best Photo
Eric Bohman:
 The boat is a 1967 Old Town SPort Boat. It is constructed from cedar with canvas on the outside of the hull, and mahogany transom, deck and gunwales.
Restoration included replacing one full length plank, repairing two ribs and one seat, replacing the outer gunwales, and canvas.
The varnish used was TotalBoat’s Lust Matte Varnish, and it seems to compliment the boat very well.
The boat has just been completed, but it should be rowing around the Antique and Classic Boat Rendezvous at Mystic Seaport, providing a front row seat to the passing parade of beautiful wooden boats.

Ready for the water


She floats!  So much varnish work Starting the adventure

WINNER: Best Project
25 year-old Ben Weidmann’s
1965 Columbia Challenger had seen better days. Here is his story: I have been working on the Salty Lady with my dad over the past 3 years, and just launched her the other week! It was the proudest and happiest moment of my life.

The Salty Lady has had a long history. She has been on ocean-going vessel on the East Coast in New Hampshire and South Carolina. She was converted to a 2 stroke inboard Yanmar diesel in 1998, but was tragically lost to Lake Minnetonka in the 2000s due to unknown reasons. She sat on a trailer for years until I found her.

I started the project in 2013, completely underestimating the effort I was about to undergo. We removed every piece of hardware from the boat and rebuilt it. We stripped all the rotten woodwork. Some woodwork was salvaged but most was custom made. I learned to fillet and fiberglass using the Total Boat 5:1 Epoxy kit; this epoxy made it easy for a novice like myself. I sanded the hull and used TotalBoat WetEdge Topside White Gloss and TotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid deck paint to give her a youthful look. This paint is the real deal, and I expect to get many years out of these coats I applied.

The woodwork slowly came together, and the painting continued throughout the project. The Yanmar diesel engine was completely rebuilt, and miraculously fired right up. I designed the boat’s electrical system from scratch, converting all lights to LED and adding some personal touches. All of the hand-polished hardware and woodwork was attached to the deck using TotalBoat Bond Marine Adhesive to ensure a watertight installation. She was launched with the help of Wayzata Yacht Club. After thousands of man hours, she is now sitting on her mooring buoy.

It is a surreal experience to sit on my boat in the water, an experience that I had imagined hundreds of times. I am very thankful for all the support I received from my friends and family. They kept me going and helped me through the frustrating learning experiences throughout the project. Thank you Jamestown Distributors for offering professional products at affordable prices. Your customer service is unbeatable, and the technical support I received was instrumental to my project’s success. I could not have done this without you!


WINNER: Most TotalBoat Used
Scott Roberts: I spent three years slowly building this Sam Devlin designed Candlefish 13 in between work and kids activities. The entire boat is primed in Total Boat Topside Primer, the interior paint is Total Boat Wet Edge in Kingston Gray, the hull is painted with Total Boat Wet Edge in Flag Blue, the brightwork is finished with Total Boat Lust spar varnish, and I used TotalTread in gray for nonskid on the deck. I used the “roll and tip” method to apply all of the topside paint.

All of the finishing work was completed in time for a 2016 Memorial Day weekend launch at Clear Lake in Houston, TX. I plan to eventually move the boat to our family summer cottage on Birch Island in Harpswell, ME.


We were so thrilled with the results from the photo contest entries. Everyone had great success with TotalBoat products and great things to say about our customer service and tech hotline. Thanks to all the excellent customers for the excellent submissions. You made it hard to choose. Here’s to many years of happy boating and successful boatwork! 


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