How to Build the TotalBoat: A Work Skiff – Chine Logs (Episode 6)


Tips from a Shipwright *Star,* Louis Sauzedde, is back to explain how to cut and bevel the super important chine logs for the work skiff. As Lou explains in Episode 6, they are some of the most important pieces of lumber in the boat, as most of the lumber attaches to it and therefore it must be stable and solid and seaworthy for years. Lou explains the different bevels needed for the top and bottom of the chine log and some pretty good insight into why the top of the skiffs chine is at the particular bevel he has chosen.

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9 thoughts on “How to Build the TotalBoat: A Work Skiff – Chine Logs (Episode 6)

  1. I have watched Lou so much I think I personally know him. And the next time that I come to Maine for Woodenboat School that I must look him up. He s a star. I just wish I possessed the ability and knowledge he has. Super videos.

  2. Great article. I used to love working with red oak. Strong and very easy to cut and mold.
    Can’t wait for the next issue.

  3. Lou, this is a brilliant series; thanks for sharing your expertise. One quibble: you recommend using red oak to save some buck$. Hmm… What is the most expensive part of any build? Answer: labor. Using better, longer lasting materials does not change labor costs. My vote would be to go for the best that can be managed – best materials, best effort and best practices.

  4. Wonder if he would sell his shirt to me? It really looks very comfortable and I like the logo. I use to build skiffs out of cypress and use juniper for the chine and some of the frame.

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