Total Restoration Riva Aquarama Lamborghini 278

Have a look at this video from one of our most popular blog posts ever. Must be all the wood and varnish and that sweet Italian craftmasnship. Happy Sundaying! Enjoy!

Carlo Riva and Ferruccio Lamborghini, both full of passion and extremely driven to create the best in their field, joined forces in early 1968 when Ferruccio ordered a new Riva Aquarama. This Aquarama would be fitted with a pair of Lamborghini V12’s modified for marine use by the Lamborghini Factory, starting a second career for these fantastic engines.

Riva custom designed and built the exhaust system with open pipes according to Ferruccio’s request.

A unique all Italian Riva Aquarama was born, hull number 278.

Take a spin through the factory, through the restoration of this fabulous Riva and then take a ride on an Italian Lake for a test run. You won’t regret it.

9 thoughts on “Total Restoration Riva Aquarama Lamborghini 278

  1. Ok, I’m finally clear now…..God, when I die and go to heaven (no assumptions) I want to work in the 1968 Riva factory in the mornings; be a Riva test driver in the afternoons; hang with Carlo Riva and Mr. Lamborghini in the evenings. Yeah, that’s it……Wonderful

  2. Great video – thanks for sharing. The craftsmanship and attention to detail in the original and restored Acquarama is unparalled. Riva and Lamborghini are true legends.

  3. I’ve watched this 3 times so far and I still haven’t had enough. I’m speechless. Thanks out to Jamestown for sharing.

  4. Why not put the aged boat in a museum and build a new boat, That’s what they did anyway and put the original in a dumpster What a shame

    • I had this same company restore hull #125 back in 2005-7. It was a bit over $300k but we had big block Chevrolets engines. I would imagine these engines added $100k to $200k to the restoration bill, possibly more. You can search Youtube for our video by entering Riva # 125. Sandro of RivaWorld was absolutely fantastic to work with. He and his crew are nothing short of amazing.

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