Sailing & The 2016 Rio Olympic Games


How to Watch and cheer for the US Sailing Team competing in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

While the above video is not current (it’s a viral sensation from the 2012 games that is worth repeating) it is certainly relevant with the Olympics going on in Rio, Brazil. There has been a lot of talk about the venue, Rio’s lack of preparedness and the water quality specifically, have been topics that are close to sailors, as they have a good chance of not only sailing in contaminated water, but of having trash in the water foul their blades (rudders, centerboards, etc) which could certainly affect medal chances and make or break a race for any sailor out there. 

So while this is a fun video to watch – there are some other points on sailing in Rio’s Olympics worth mentioning.

Start here: It’s the schedule for watching or streaming sailing events from Rio. You won’t find them back to back in prime time viewing with Michael Phelps or the gymnasts, but if you try hard you can see some of the competition, mostly streaming online but there is a wrap-up show on one of NBCs channels giving some airtime to sailing results.

Lots of good info can be found about the athletes, the venue and the team philosophy, process and training here:  US Sailing Team Page

Then there is this article – about a former Olympic sailor – Brad Funk, not on this year’s US Olympic Sailing Team with the 49er fleet, but whose girlfriend is British windsurfer Bryony Shaws, Brad decided to DO SOMETHING as he floated around Guanabarra Bay in support of his lady. He chartered a fishing boat and started cleaning up the Bay on his own. Other friends and sailors have chipped in – some random volunteers, too. What an amazing effort – wonderful sportsmanship and solid eco-warrior status to Brad! Way to go!

Next up we have the stories about the US Women’s and Men’s Basketball teams who opted out of the Olympic Village accommodations in favor of a “luxury cruise ship” docked in Rio. The ballers, used to massive paychecks and luxe mansions, were certainly not to be expected to put up with the subpar offerings in the Olympic Village with their country mates. NO! They took to the sea – and as boaters, we have to laugh at them a bit and then acknowledge that they might be the smartest ones there…. if not the most comfortable.

And finally, we give you this: the straight up on how to watch and understand the Olympic Sailing from our friends at Their black and white explanation should be helpful for newbies to regatta watching. And they, too, reference the Irish commentator because it is THAT GOOD.  So watch it! And get in some cheering for the US Olympic Sailing Team. They have had a massive Olympic effort since London 2012 when they came home empty handed. We know Josh Adams, who took this on at US Sailing, and we have to believe his mastermind for sailing, Olympic development and Olympic competition will pay off for the US Sailing Team. Fingers crossed! Go Team USA!

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