How to Build the TotalBoat Work Skiff – Episode 7

Finally Louis Sauzedde, the master shipwright, is ready to put some planks along the sides of a single form to confirm that he really is building a work skiff. The 2 side planks alone, once joined to the bow stem and the newly constructed transom, show the form of the boat coming together and it is going to be a head turner, once completed. Check out this 7th video in the series and soak in Lou’s years of experience and confidence, that is allowing him to build this skiff without multiple forms and confusing plans.


If you want to see all of the videos in this series, check out the Tips from A Shipwright TotalBoat Work Skiff playlist on our TotalBoat YouTube Channel. All 7 videos in the series are featured in the playlist, so you can roll right through them, in order, over and over again.

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7 thoughts on “How to Build the TotalBoat Work Skiff – Episode 7

  1. What a way to fly! IT,s to easy to build. People should be able to build small sailboats like this. GReat job I,m impressed
    . THe accent makes the workmanship a lot better.

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