Preserving History: Restoring a Cypress Rowboat

Here is a customer story worth sharing. This happy customer has a cool story relating to saving and restoring this historical rowboat. For us here at JD and the TotalBoat Tech Team, it’s a testament to the customer service we try to provide each and every customer. Many have lots of questions – boat building and restoration can be confusing and challenging. Which is precisely why we work hard to get all the systems, products and processes down pat – so we can help you.
Here is Kent and Audrey’s note and a photo of their restoration project:

We wanted to send a note and say thanks for the assistance provided by your Jamestown Distributors tech help team. We are restoring a cypress rowboat for the Beauvoir Museum in Biloxi, MS and have had several questions along the way. 

The boat belonged to Winnie Davis, daughter of Jefferson Davis  (President of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War) and it will be on display in the Museum once we finish. There are very few, if any, of these boats left in existence along the Gulf Coast so it is important to take as much care as we can in material selection.


Your team has helped with product selection for the silicone bronze screws, cotton caulk, caulking irons, Flexpoxy and seam compound. We appreciate the support of fellow boat builders that has helped us take each step along the way with the resurrection of this historical vessel.


Kent and Audrey

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  1. Very nice project and very worth while doing! It looks like your are doing a good job and also enjoying it, I know I would like it.

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