Checking in at CLC with Waterlust

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Watch the Waterlust team live on the CLC ShopCam and check out the finishing touches being added to their expedition boats.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that we have been helping get the Waterlust Video and Adventure Team out on the water in their newly built custom boats, built on site at Chesapeake Light Craft. (check out our most recent post here) The design is pretty sweet and simple for a kit boat that can be rowed, foot paddled and sailed. The hull colors have been painted with Wet Edge Topside Paint – in derivatives (aka custom colors) they invented with White and Boston Whaler Blue colors.  The boats have been named ‘Anna’ and ‘Mia,’ for the cities where the boats will begin and end their maiden voyage (Annapolis and Miami). And the Waterlust fingerprint water drop has been imprinted on their mizzen for full branding effect. (And It looks super cool).

You can still watch them finish up the boats on the CLC ShopCam. (WARNING: it’s addictive!) They are still set up in the Chesapeake Light Craft shop, attaching, bedding, and prepping for their departure south to Miami.  And when they are ready to go, we will be following them on their voyage. It will be interesting to see how the boats perform, how the balance is for the “sailors” and how the passage goes inside the ICW for them.

We can’t wait to see how it unfolds and we are certain that their mission will attract attention to the health of the oceans which is what they are really all about. That, and a very cool video experience. You can follow along on their adventure on their Waterlust Instagram page and here on TotalBoat Show. Enjoy!


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