How to Build the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Installing the Chine Logs (Episode 8)


Everyone seems to be loving Louis Sauzedde and his skiff building and finally the planks and chines are coming together and the project is beginning to resemble a skiff. Lou has plenty left to do, but this is a big step as the chines and chine logs are vital to the shape and structure of the skiff. These first chines will dictate the placement of the rest of them, which will be attached next. Fitting the chine log in is tight, but it’s imperative that it be a secure fit, and of course Lou has some of his “tricks” up his sleeve to get these pieces into place easily and with a perfect fit. 

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5 thoughts on “How to Build the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Installing the Chine Logs (Episode 8)

  1. I’m really enjoying watching Louis work. He is a master craftsman and I learn a lot each time I watch one of his videos. I look forward to the next one each week because beyond his great skill as a boat builder, he is an excellent teach too.

  2. Who sharpens your planes? If you do that yourself, you should do a lesson on how to sharpen plane blades! I’m only 77, been working with hand planes for over 60 years, have read several articles on the subject and have yet to achieve a plane set up that will shave white oak like you do.

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