Splitting A Kiteboard Into Two

Screenshot 2016-08-19 15.59.10

Why be bound by conventional models or building techniques when you can double your fun by cutting your work in half? Or building it in 2 pieces, as was the case in this video. The case for building a kiteboard in two halves is presented in the video as the kite surfer packs his suitcase for a tropical kiting mecca (undisclosed location, of course) and he is able to fit the two halves inside the suitcase perfectly. Once at the super spot, he screws the 2 halves together with a rigid carbon fiber piece and BOOM – super sweet kite board ready to rock.

It’s a fun video to watch  – also split into two halves, with the first being the construction of the board – and the second half being the superb tropical kiting and very nice video angles.

The use of carbon fiber and balsa wood for the core and some of the aesthetics, is a beautiful mixture of the materials. It really makes the BruceCreations branding stand out and looks like a winner for rigidity and a smooth ride. I think this is something worth playing with over the winter at TotalBoat Shop Night.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the video.

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