Grain “Build A Wooden Surfboard” Workshops Get A New Home in NY

grain workshop

We’ve long been friends of the guys at the Grain Surfboards shop up in Maine. They are great customers who source their green epoxy from us (Entropy Resins) and who are spreading their board building stoke all over the United States. From Maine, where they have home-base on a sweet farm, to California where they toured with their workshops last summer, to their new digs in Montauk, New York – these guys are onto something. People (surfers!) want to build, they want to use their hands and massage a meaningful project that will endure, that is sustainable, and that will provide lots of pleasure in return. 

The Grain team is onto this movement – and to perpetuate it and their success, they have created kits to build your own, on your own and they continue to offer week-long camps, multi-day workshops, and even half day sessions where you can build along side the team. To accommodate the growing interest in their workshops and to facilitate a more widely accessible location not in the woods of Maine, Grain grabbed a sweet spot on the eastern end of Long Island.

From Grain: At the Grain-NY shop, you’ll find all the tools and supplies needed to build your own board.  We’ve got a growing demo-fleet of boards to try – if there’s time, we can squeeze in a surf and you’ll get a preview of the board you’re building.

In the front room of the shop, we’ve got some Grain schwag, and in the back, glassing and sanding rooms and a big workroom where you’ll spend most of your time.  Nearby, there’s dining, places to stay, and the beach.

For custom boards, contact us at Grain central, because the shop in Long Island is focused on sharing the experience of building your own!

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