Sourcing Timbers at Mystic Seaport

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Wooden boat building can be as much about the materials you have access to, as it is about the skill and labor of building wooden boats.  If you’ve been watching our Skiff building series with Louis Sauzedde, then you know a good boatbuilder will go to great lengths to find the perfect timber. The species, grain appearance and age of each timber for your boat matters greatly as it is the heart, the core of your vessel. Build a boat from balsa wood and enjoy your handiwork for minutes, not decades. Select the right timber for the project and you’re good for a lifetime. 

Recently at the Wooden Boat Show hosted by Mystic Seaport, we had the pleasure of wandering the shipyard, full of wood and spars needing repair and knees cut awaiting placement in an old Tall Ship like the Charles W Morgan, recently completed. And with work underway on the restoration of the Mayflower, the Seaport is sourcing some amazing pieces that will facilitate stronger parts on an historical ship. With loggers and forestry professionals in on the search, storms and catastrophes can help supply the shipwrights with much needed species that can be otherwise difficult to find.

Check out the video and stay tuned to our Tips from A Shipwright series, where, in an upcoming episode, Lou will take us on his own hunt for the perfect timbers for the TotalBoat Work Skiff. We know you’ll find that interesting because it is surprisingly difficult to find great pieces, and Louis, as we know, is very selective and particular about his pieces.

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