Waterlust’s ICW Odyssey – Part 2: “Wetter is Better”

Screenshot 2016-08-31 12.58.35

If you watched Part 1 of the Waterlust Odyssey,  you saw them build a very cool sailing canoe with the folks at Chesapeake Light Craft in Annapolis. Mike Mills from JD was on hand to help them crank these boats out inside of their 3-week window and to provide some priming and painting expertise. Using the TotalBoat Topside Primer and some sweet colors for the topside paint, Mike set the team up with some technique and some product and got his hands dirty in the process. 

Now, weeks later, the boats are painted, launched and heading south from Maryland to Miami via the Intracoastal Waterway. With sails and the Hobie Mirage pedal drive, the team is ready for breeze or calm and will stop along the way to catch their breath and upload some more sweet video and social media.

Video 2 is another fun one to watch as they make their way south, along beaches populated by wild horses, under power by wind and by foot. And with giant smiles. These thrill-seekers now know the joy of being out there on a boat you built yourself.


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