Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Preparing the Frames (Episode 10)


Louis Sauzedde has built many work skiffs in his career as a shipwright. He knows which materials and tools will help build a boat that will work hard and last, and he has the experience to cut corners, use heftier tools and make cuts that most of us might measure more than twice! In this latest installment, Lou uses the chine log as a guide to cut along the first plank, giving the bow it’s 4-inch rise which will give the skiff a better ride.

Lou then explains where and how he will be fastening the multiple frames to the inside of the skiff, in an order that might seem backwards to many who are used to planking on top of frames set up as stations.  But as the comments in the video suggest, Lou’s vast amount of boat building knowledge gives him an advantage (and us) as he has multiple methods of getting a job done, sometimes in a funky order, but always with good reason.

Ask your questions about the process, tools and Lou’s tips in the comments below and we will get you answers from Lou, himself.


13 thoughts on “Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Preparing the Frames (Episode 10)

  1. Following along each Friday all of the episodes. I learn something new each episode. Is there a way to get a DVD of this build when finished?

  2. Lou, thanks for sharing these videos. I noticed that your block plane cuts shavings the full width of the iron. Do you have a special sharpening method for your plane irons.
    Thank you.

  3. Lou my name is Lou I need detailed plans on how to build a hard working 18foot deep water ocean fishing boat comfortable yet lots of room to fish I have a new 25hp evinrude e-tech short shaft for it long tiller so transom has to work for short shaft I watch all your videos and I am still afraid to try without you I cant afford to screw it up please send me something for I am a dummy who whats his dream boat like I had in Jamestown Ri where I used to live when I was youngI am retired and not feeling that well my brother will help me you are a master boat builder. want to learn for the best or not at all love all your boats I can tell they are sea worthly and strong deep sides so waves dont come over. I need easy to understand plans I am willing to send you some money i am far from rich LOU Cas I will bring the boat with the truck for you to see when done 413-998-3435 14 granville rd. southwick Ma. 01077

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