Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Hanging the Frames (Episode 12)


In Episode 11, Lou showed us some clever tricks for cutting the frames that will be attached to the side planks. Episode 12 finds Lou using the metric tape-measure to mark along the boat and divide it up so he knows where each frame is going to be attached to the side planks. He then begins installing the frames using a plumb bar to level them so he is certain that they are straight up-and-down. And finally Lou will install them along the length of the boat, at each marked location.
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10 thoughts on “Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Hanging the Frames (Episode 12)

  1. Very informative, enjoyed the builder’s decision to space out the frames and go for TLAR (That Looks About Right) spacing. And I guess I need to buy a bit brace now 🙂
    Thanks for the info.

  2. This has been very enlightening and informative series. I have built several boats, including a flat bottom skiff, but Lou had some really interesting ways of doing things that I wish I had known. Is there a way of going back and reviewing all of the series. Thanks for a great series, maybe a round bottom boat in the future, that was my test of skill and patience.

    Oxford, Michigan

  3. I am enjoying this series, this is the second one I’ve watched. The earlier episodes are hard to find on your site – do you have an index somewhere? Or is it as simple as looking on your YT channel? Great work walking through the steps. You found the right guy to lead the way!

  4. LOU, LOU, LOU. I love Lou and all his video’s. I would might buy Jamestown brand products without Lou but because of Lou you got me. Like in the old gangster movies “You got me….” Thank you and keep them coming, Mark

  5. I enjoy the series very much. If I had a choice for another one, I would like to see a small pram constructed as a tender for a larger boat. Particularly I’d like to see it tailored to a first time builder.

  6. Once Lou determined the spacing between the frames I was expecting him to make a “story stick” of 412.7 mm to lay on the chine with one end on first make and scribe a line on the other end, then slide the stick to the new mark and scribe, repeat down the chine. I’ve screwed up enough times to appreciate a story stick.

    • Or maybe we should get Lou a calculator with a memory function for Christmas (+MR=, +MR=…). Something about the security of zero for running dimensions like Lou did. Anyway, I’ve been an amateur boat-builder since 1995 and have learned something from Lou’s videos each time. If the situation presents itself, the plumb bob and line of site is much more expedient than trying to use a level if your piece is sloped in another direction. But the neat thing on this one, to relieve my search for a third hand, was the dimple in the clamping block to receive the foot on the clamp screw. Lou’s my hero. Thanks Lou.

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