12 Cool Things to See at the Newport Boat Show This Weekend


If you’re heading to the Newport International Boat Show this weekend, you’re welcome. Here is a great hit list of 12 very cool displays on land and in-the-water to check out while you’re there. If you weren’t planning on heading down on this perfect last summer weekend – rethink your plans.  It’s going to be a great day to wander the show and check out some amazing boats – both wooden and fiberglass, power and sail.

But as promised, here is a quick list of some great exhibits that caught our eye and camera. A curated collection of things that seem to matter “nautically,” are super cool or educational and are of interest to die-hard boaters (or wanna-be die-hards) is a valuable way to take a 4 hour tour of the show and get it done in half the time. Follow along on this little tour of what we thought was pretty rad.

  1. Top of our list is a LIVE Quantum topside painting demo by EMC Paints and featuring John Greviskis of Ship Shape TV happening on Saturday from 11:30am-2:30pm.
  2. East Passage Boatwrights makes a clever seat back for all of us who hate the coaming wedged into your mid spine during a sweet sail. Check out their ingenious seat back that slides over the coaming without screws and without damaging the sweet varnish job.
  3. Bristol Boat Company is set up in a hard-to-find spot around the corner from Bowen’s Wharf main display of wooden boats. But the few extra steps it requires to find boat builder Daniel Shea and his sweet Herreshoff, Intent, is well worth it. Dan is quite the character and is a boat building sage. Hit him up with your hard questions, your Herreshoff knowledge and tell him we sent you. We just adore Dan. Grab a JD catalog while you’re there.
  4. The new Bertram 35 Flybridge Sportfish. Anchored off their dockside exhibit, is a vintage “Moppy,” (Coolest powerboat ever, possibly) that this new 35 was modeled after. The classic Moppy is almost a cult classic and with this new one on the market, it might be a difficult choice.
  5. Lemon & Line’s super cool rope bracelets. Back in the day, my dad used to weave a rope bracelet onto my little wrist, and it endured showers and saltwater and summer grime – but with the clever metal clasp, you can take one of these on and off whenever you like. And switch colors to match your boat shoes.
  6. Seven Marine’s sicko, crazy, futuristic outboard engines. Powerboats with outboards just got a LOT cooler. And exponentially more expensive. But hey – they look at least ten times cooler when they are illuminated at night and that means that YOU are cooler, too. If you can afford one. Or 4.
  7. The 3D printer is in action at the IYRS booth. Thursday, they cut an iPhone case that looked as good as my Otter Box, and as we stood there they were cutting a sweet looking woven (plastic) bracelet. Pretty cool for a wooden boat building school. Obviously a nod to the composite and systems technology offered at IYRS – soon to be housed in their new building under construction adjacent to their Newport campus.
  8. Bowen’s Wharf is hosting the Inaugural Newport Wooden Boat Show and they have some sweet boats on display in their location. The skiff painted in “Fighting Lady Yellow” got us excited about skiffs and topside paint colors as we work through our own Skiff Building with Lou Sauzedde. Check this one out – it’s a pretty little thing.
  9. Also at the Wooden Boat Show on Bowen’s Wharf is a very finely painted and well thought-out powerboat called a First Light 25. The satin black paint job on this boat is a twist on conventional boat painting and we LOVE it. More food for thought for our own work skiff in production with Lou.
  10. The big, grey 54-foot battleship by Delta Powerboats is a carbon beast. It looked odd at first glance from it’s bow, but when you realize the whole thing is carbon fiber – it looks Bad. Like “Good bad.” Bad to the bone. The carbon fiber bone. Worth a glance for sure.
  11. And: The Morris 42. Somehow some VIPs got to go for a sil around the show yesterday. Seems like the best way to take in the show. Take a number. and while you wait – check out their magnificent daysailers. Or take in the rest of the show. I bet there will be a line for those of you with serious interest in acquiring this sweet daysailer. Probably the coolest of it’s kind.
  12. And finally: The docks. With all the flags and boats and people wandering , it’s a sight for boat lovers to behold. There is serious money afloat here and this is your big chance to step aboard and appreciate boats you will most likely never own. Cast off your shoes, pick the fanciest best boat there that suits your future and climb aboard. Pretend it’s yours. For just a moment….. ahhhh. Ok! Wake up! Time to go to the Cooke House for a cocktail or some sushi to discuss your boating future. It’s all within reach at this year’s Newport International Boat Show.


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