Aloft on A Classic Fife – Hold on!


Here is a little high-flying fun from atop the rig of the beautiful William Fife, Mariquita, under sail. Perfect for a Monday. Being aloft some 100 feet plus off the water is enough of a stunt for one day. Then add in balancing on a wooden spreader and helping to guide the spinnaker open – and it’s a regular tightrope or trapeze act. 

Yes these crew members wear harnesses and are clipped in. And yes that’s slippery varnish on the spreader.  But since you are comfortably seated at your device or computer, it’s safe to watch – except you could possibly still get queasy or vertigo. As a sailor who would love to simply sit on the teak deck for a race aboard a classic such as Mariquita, the virtual ride from the top spreader is a nice perspective.

The boat, launched in 1911 at Fairlie in the UK, has a great bit of history, much of which had to do with sailing Big Classics before WW1. Check out the Mariquita website for a complete historical lesson on this beautiful yacht. Her website also features a great 4-part historical video series that is worth a bit of your time.


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