Waterlust’s Kit Boat Construction & Epic Adventure

A 2-Month IntraCoastal Odyssey from Annapolis to Miami

The Waterlust crew has finally pulled into Miami, their home base. After a 2-month adventure, including boat building and lots of sailing (and pedaling), the team is home. Waterlust’s team of 4 built the 2 new kit boats in record time at Chesapeake Light Craft, and painted them to be beautiful specimens with our own marine epoxy primer and topside paint. Then the team set off, bows pointing south.  A month-plus and a tropical storm later, (see video 3 in the series, as they took cover from tropical Storm Hermine)  the team reached their home port unscathed by the weather, and invigorated by their boat building experience, the sea and their odyssey.

This experience has shown the Waterlusters that pretty much anyone can order a kit boat and get busy building a boat that can put down the miles and reliably transport you to other ports of call. With little boat building skill in their tool bag, the team dove head first into the project and in the end, was quite pleased with the design, their handiwork and of course, the awesome colors they chose for their 2 boats. (Custom colors they made from White mixed with Wet Edge Boston Whaler Blue and Sea Foam Green)

We were thrilled to be a part of their exploration and boat building odyssey. Turning any sailor or boater onto the craft of building your own boat is our mission whenever possible. We understand the satisfaction of building your own boat, and then using it to accomplish a goal. These boats were ingenious designs, with lots of thought going into how they would be used, where they would be used and how to keep them going when the wind died.  You can build one for yourself, or discover one of the other kit boats offered by Chesapeake Light Craft. There is a boat there for every adventurer – for every sailor or paddler and for the craftspeople who want to dig into a satisfying project.

If you choose to try out a CLC kit build, let us know. We would love to follow your progress, and of course, we have top notch customer service, boat building supplies and tech help to get you through every step of your build! We hope you will try it out.



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