Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Time for Planking (Episode 13)


Finally, it’s time to join Louis Sauzedde in his workshop to attach the first planks to the frames we saw him hang in last Friday’s Video of the Week. last week. With more of his special tricks up his [cut off] sleeves, Lou and Andrew carefully clamp, pre drill and attach the beautiful wooden planks to the frames.

If you recall from Episode 1, these planking boards were among the first steps of the build, chosen right away for their grain characteristics. This commitment to plank quality proves that Louis really does consider every inch of the boat, from the screws to the color and grain of each plank.

Welcome back as we get into the meat of the planking with Lou in Episode 13 of Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff.


6 thoughts on “Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Time for Planking (Episode 13)

  1. As always, Lou’s video is a revelation. This segment also prompts a couple of questions:

    1. Why does Lou prefer slotted screws over Phillips or star-type fasteners? The risk of the driver slipping from a slotted head and the subsequent damage to the wood surface is greater with slotted heads.

    2. How did Lou remove the adhesive seepage? Presumably it appeared on both sides of the planking. Does Lou simply use a scraper or is that followed with a rag and solvent?

    • Slotted screws are preferred because:
      A. You don’t have as much trouble making sure you use the right driver to avoid improper seating in the screw head.

      B. If you ever need to get it back out, it is much easier to remove old paint etc. from a straight slot.

      As for what Lou did about seepage TBS will have to answer…

    • Lou let the adhesive dry, don’t touch it until it’s dry or it will make a big mess. Then once it’s completely dry he just rubs it off with his hand. No solvents.

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