Boat Building: the Process is the Adventure


What if you were building a boat just for the sake of going through the process – Just doing it for the satisfaction and the therapy of sawing, bunging, planning, drafting and building. What if the impossible prospect of getting this boat, once completed, from the mountaintop to the ocean was just part of the dream? 

App Applegate might have known his massive wooden boat might never reach the shore when he started building his boat high atop a mountain in the Pacific Northwest.  But it did not deter him. He never stopped building even though he probably knew he was not getting closer to launching, because App’s adventure had already begun. His imaginary launch date was never coming. And this freedom allowed App to carry on over months and years, imagining how to make it float, but never really making a firm launch plan.

App was the truest form of boat builder. He did it for the process and for his love of boatbuilding and the community it created for him. He recruited friends who were like minded and believed in his project building “APROXIMADA.” Built to sail the world and ultimately, Cuba, App spent 30 years working towards his dream of circumnavigating and then going ashore on Cuba, the penultimate ending to a dream he followed since he banged his first nail in “Aproximada.”

But even with the odds of time, geography and funding going against him, App never outgrew his idealism. His friends knew his project was more of a beautiful art installation than an actual possibility.

Take a page from App’s book and immerse yourself in a boat building project that will bring you eternal happiness, because the process is part of the project. Whether you launch your impossible dream, or spend an eternity planning it and working on it, however it ends up is part of the adventure.




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