Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Prepping for Bottom Planking (Episode 15)


With Louis Sauzedde nearly ready to attach the bottom planking on the TotalBoat Work Skiff, it’s the last opportunity to check the angle of the chine log. This last check gives Lou the chance to plane the bottom edge one last time to make certain the bottom planks will lie completely flat. As usual, Lou has some tricks to share with his fans, one of which makes his electric plane perform better. He also shares a trick for marking your boards with marker to make sure you don’t remove too much of the bevel off of the chine log. A mistake that couldn’t easily be repaired. 

Your questions and comments are reaching Lou and he is answering them here and even in the videos on occasion. Please comment below and share Lou’s series with your friends.

The TotalBoat Work Skiff is coming together…. you won’t want to miss the coming episodes as it takes shape and really starts to come together.

7 thoughts on “Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Prepping for Bottom Planking (Episode 15)

  1. Lou’s comments about prepping the power plane are right on. These are great tools, but cut very, very fast.

    Question: Given the adhesive Lou used while planking the sides, will this boat require additional, periodic caulking or does the adhesive act as epoxy fillet and obviate that chore?

  2. Fingers up front are being used as a fence but they are close to the rotating blade.
    I see he still has 10 fingers but a person with less experience could get in trouble.

    • YES! PLEASE use caution and best safety practices. Unlike LOU!!!!
      We can’t teach this old dog new tricks. He would sadly rather risk it than use all the safety equipment suggested.

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