Canoe-Lapse and the TotalBoat Workshop


We are getting ready for winter by prepping the TotalBoat Workshop with a time lapse setup. We have a few pretty nifty restorations up our sleeves and we wouldn’t want you to miss a minute of the process. So we are in the midst of setting up the shop, the boats and the cameras to capture the whole thing – from the second the boats are rolled into the shop – to their first cruise back on the water next spring.

This Canoe-lapse is a great look at how effective time lapse video and photography can be for demonstrating boat building and repair. When hundreds of hours go into a project and transform it back to its original glory, it warrants documentation and we plan to capture it all for you on video.

Stay tuned for updates and blog posts on about SHOP NIGHT and the impending projects we have planned. There is a sneak peek at one of the projects below: Lorelei from JD Purchasing has brought in her father’s 1957 Century Resorter. For a 16 1/2 foot boat – there appears to be plenty to do to keep Lorelei and her dad busy for the winter.

Until we get them rolling, check out the great time lapse of a canoe build  below. It’s psyching us up for a full winter in the TotalBoat Workshop. How about you?


Lorelei’s 1957 Century Resorter arriving for winter work! Total TotalBoat restoration coming up!

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