3 Weeks of Boatbuilding in 3 Minutes

Are we a broken record of loving cool timelapse videos? When you mix in boat building to the time lapse, it takes a long and somewhat broken up process and makes it into a symphony of smooth, simple and successful steps. The mishaps (we all have them…) are invisible, buried inside of a quick clip. The success is evident when, in the end, the long laborious project is – VOILA! Done!


Back to being a broken record, this time about Waterlust and their inspired and super artistic photography. Around TotalBoat HQ, we love their craft. There is water cooler talk about how the Waterlust team got the shot, how they chose the colors for the boat, where the camera was mounted – and – as is the case with this boat building video – where is Mike? (Mike Mills, grand PooBah of the JD/ TB empire, visited this project to help with priming and painting. He’s in there!)

We are readying for a busy winter of restorations in the TotalBoat Workshop and getting the whole project in a time lapse is top of our priority list. Because in a world of instant gratification, the faster, better, well-crafted and sped up videos are the ones that capture your attention and get you longing for the craft. In this case, we hope you’ll long for a good winter boat building project. While we long for more tight time lapse videos to take winter-long projects and complete them in a 3 minute blink.

What elements of a good boat building video do you love? Let us know in the comments below so we can be certain to include them in our own winter projects. And who knows – maybe we can get the Waterlust Team to come inspire and assist us with our own videography…


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