Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Bedding & Attaching the Bottom Planking (Episode 17)


Everyone take a deep breath! Louis Sauzedde is AOK after a week of mad planking. We took last week off from our video series to let Lou and videographer, Halsey Fulton, catch up on the build. They needed some time to get all the planks bedded and attached to the skiff bottom. Yes – we are releasing these videos as fast as they are making them! This is real time, folks!

In this latest episode #17, Lou has the planks arranged, numbered and ready to bed and attach to the skiff. Using a polysulfide bedding compound, Lou works precisely and efficiently to attach each plank, getting us one step closer to a completed boat. With a few of the typical fan favorite workshop tips worked in, (Check out the gauge he crafted to mark a line directly down the middle of the chine log) Lou puts the bottom on the skiff in record time.

7 thoughts on “Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Bedding & Attaching the Bottom Planking (Episode 17)

  1. Great Series. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to find the room to start my own build.
    Wondering, are the bottom planks going to swell enough to be water tight? Could they be edged with the bedding compound or would that put too much space between them?
    Impatiently waiting for the next episode.

  2. Lou is fantastic at explaining what he goes through to build a boat. Lou is a master boat builder to be certain. He has great vision and the patience to complete a difficult set of steps to make an heirloom vessel. Congratulations Lou.

  3. It great to see the enthusiasm in Louis’ voice at the end of the video! Just like us younger guys who are learning the trade, he still is energetic to trim the bottom boards and flip the hull over. This is a great series, keep the videos coming. Thanks Jamestown Distributors!

    • Lots of people asking about this. We asked Lou to make sure he covers it in the next episode.
      thanks for watching and for the comment!

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