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We have lots going on around TB HQ here at Jamestown Distributors. In our 40+ year history, never have we been stronger, had a bigger customer base or had more of our own product development and testing going on under our own roof. With all this experience selling the best marine supplies, we figured it was time to make some of our own marine products that work better, come with the best customer support and cost you a bit less. TotalBoat has been a labor of love based on this idea. And 5 years and more than 50 products later, TotalBoat has taken off. 

So we figured that would be a good time to set the brand apart on it’s own website. This new site allows all the TotalBoat products and marine project how-to’s to live together in one place for easy project management, reference and quick, easy shopping for all our TB products.

Along with the great product support and knowledge base is a great collection of core customers and pro boat builders with really cool stories, videos, boats and experience using TotalBoat. Throw master shipwright, Louis Sauzedde into that mix, and we have an amazing amount of sharing to be done. We intend to hand select the coolest refits, product uses, boaters and boat builders and include them in our TOTALBOAT CUSTOMER STORIES. In our TOTALBOAT WORKSHOP section we put the limelight on the amazing talent within our own walls here – including the wizardry of Lou and the Tips from a Shipwright Series.

So starting next Friday, you’ll find the weekly TotalBoat Work Skiff Series videos launched on our TotalBoat Workshop page. We will remind you – but make it easy on yourself and subscribe on for blog updates.

In case you need a quick link to all the Louis Sauzedde TotalBoat Work Skiff videos in one place, here you go:

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  1. Hi Kristin, hope you can make it to our show Thursday – our film, @vanishingsail is back! Due to the overwhelming response to last years U.S. Premiere, (Thank you for sharing last year!) Newport Shipyard and IYRS have teamed up to present a special screening. If you like wooden boats, tropical scenery and a splash of rum, join us Jane Pickens Theater & Event Center on Thursday, Nov. 3, at 7:45pm. Tickets:

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