Louis Sauzedde, The Master Shipwright


We hope you have been following along with Louis Sauzedde as he builds the TotalBoat Work Skiff. We have been publishing the mostly weekly videos in this space, and announced last weekend that we are moving the blog posts to our new TotalBoat.com blog page. We hope you’ll follow us there and continue to find great boating and boatbuilding news in this space.

Today you were most likely expecting, and anxiously awaiting the latest episode of the Lou Skiff Series. Well, we had to take another week off, as Lou has been under the weather and unable to work on the skiff for this latest video. We are publishing them as fast as they are making them and sometimes this backfires on us. We’re human, Lou is human and stuff like this happens. So bear with us. Lou will be back. Lou is OK.  He’s anxious to get back to work on the skiff and we expect to have an episode ready for you next Friday!

In the meantime, check out this blog post on TotalBoat.com which showcases a new 2-part super clear and durable varnish, TotalBoat’s 2-Part Envy Clear Varnish. We know it’s a great product because we’ve been using it, testing it, abusing it. And so far it’s been all thumbs up! Check it out!

And to tide you over with your Louis Sauzedde obsession, we have posted here the entire playlist of his 17 episodes to date. Might be a good time to play catch up or refresh yourself on the project. Because it’s about to get good!


3 thoughts on “Louis Sauzedde, The Master Shipwright

  1. Get well Lou? We will wait for you. Take the time you need to recover from whatever ails you. Just know you are a Master Boat Builder. None better!

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