TotalBoat Workshop: Skiff Building & Boat Restorations


Don’t forget your Friday Video of the Week and the latest installment of the TotalBoat Work Skiff build with Louis Sauzedde can be found on’s blog roll now.

Be sure to sign up there for a subscription so you don’t miss any of the great content we are posting on our new website. We are featuring lots of great boat projects as well as a full refit of a Graves Constellation racer/ cruiser being documented on our TotalBoat Workshop blog. Plenty to see and read there so head on over and have a look. 

We are so happy that Lou is back and he is ready to get the skiff going, which means filling the screw holes paint is coming soon! Want to tell Lou about how much you enjoy his videos? Leave a comment below and be sure to like and share with your friends.

Keep watching all the Tips From A Shipwright videos on our TotalBoat YouTube Channel and watch the whole TotalBoat Work Skiff Series with Lou there, too!


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