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We love old boats around here. Wooden boats, fiberglass boats, power or sail – we love [mostly] all of them and a good portion are worthy of your time reading about them here… and our time restoring them, making them perform better, be safer and ALWAYS look better.


We bring you this video below of the restoration of a 23-foot Seacraft becuase the folks at Metan Marine are like-minded pros who see the value in saving, bettering and bad-assing up these classic hulls. Older Seacrafts are somewhat of a cult classic – and I say so, because I speak from experience. As the owner of a 1974 Potter built SeaCraft Sceptre, we have invested time and money into preserving this awesome hull and plan to continue to upgrade each system until it’s like-new. 

This will involve replacing the deck and, most likely when we have a peek under the deck, the stringers and some of the bulkheads. We will be rearranging the cockpit drainage and rewiring much of the electronics. And oh yeah, the 2007 Mercury OptiMax 150 needs a new fuel rail. That sounds important. And expensive.

Similarly, JD’s president, Mike Mills, owns a 1970 20-foot SeaCraft center console that is ready for some upgrades. The SeaCraft transoms are notoriously low, causing many of them to sink after taking on water over the stern. (not underway!) On Mike’s project list for the winter is to raise the transom and clean up the electrical and engine systems. Mike’s boat was victim to some extra salt water on board, and as such a replacement engine is in the plan, as well.

And then we plan to put Mike’s SeaCraft to the test. It will become a testing platform for more TotalBoat products, for lots of the JD products we rep and sell, and a learning tool for steering system installs, wiring jobs and plenty more videos. (it’s been heavily featured in past JD videos on our JD YouTube page).

Soon our page will feature these jobs as we go – with a video at the end to cap off the whole project. These hulls are widely sought after and with the killer deep-v hull, ride like a dream. In and out of our local waters, offshore and for fishing, flotilla-ing and joy riding. These are hulls to preserve and protect. And we plan to do just that. Twice. Stand by for some exciting SeaCraft makeovers in the TotalBoat Workshop.


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