World Sailing Show – November 2016



So maybe you’re not a sailor, but if you like being on the water or just reading about it, and you have a healthy respect for the ocean – then this wrap up of recent sailing news has lots to offer.  From Olympic sailing news (they added foiling to the next Olympics!) to updates on the Vendee Globe (they are rounding Cape of Good Hope right about now) – there is exciting news from oceans around the world delivered to you via You Tube. And of course, thanks to TotalBoat Show! 

screenshot-2016-11-22-16-09-48Check this 23 minute recap video out below.  They cover all the great events taking place currently and spend some good time covering the most interesting of them all, The Vendee Globe. The singlehanded nonstop circumnavigation race’s predicted attrition has begun and with major damage sustained not from the gales that the fleet has experienced,  but more so from collisions with unidentified junk in the ocean.  Front runner Alex Thomson on Hugo Boss lost part of his starboard foil which is needed but apparently not required, as he continues to hold off most of the other front runners. Maybe if he just stays on starboard tack for a while, he can hold off Banque Populaire which is sneaking up on and diminishing Thomson and his massive lead around the southern tip of Africa.

Two other race favorites, PRB, skippered by French sailor and 2004 race winner, Vincent Riou and Safran sailed by Morgan Lagravière have both sustained race ending damage with Safran damaging a rudder and the steering after hitting an unidentified object in the ocean. Another Frenchman on Initiatives Coeurs has broken off his masthead and aso retired.

The fleet has been split into a few packs divided by the fast foilers and those stuffed behind in a front in the doldrums that leaders like Thomson and others escaped more easily. (Track the fleet here)

Also included in this video update is our favorite time-lapse method of boatbuilding, an update on yet another record set by the amazing trimaran, Phaedo and a recap of the Rolex Middle Sea Race. Updates from all over the world’s sailing scene are a nice bit of entertainment for a few days when you’re best parked at home and away from the crowds and the malls!

Have you ever seen a show like this for powerboats or wooden boats? We want to know! Do you enjoy these World Sailing Shows? Let us know in the comments below,


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