Tell Us About Your Varnish


If you’re like most boat owners – somewhere on your boat you have some varnish to maintain. And it’s either a very rewarding experience looking at your beautifully finished wood pieces or it’s a boon. We sell the best varnishes out there and with TotalBoat, we also make some, too. We want to know which varnish is your favorite. We want to know how many coats and what kind of brush you use and how often you touch it up and add coats. Our Varnish Survey asks you 12 short questions that might take you 2 minutes to answer. CLICK HERE to take the VARNISH SURVEY

Similar to our Bottom Paint Survey, we will use this information to learn more about which products work. We want to know about why foam brushes work for some and not for others. We want your photos and your stories of success and of failed coats, too. And then we will apply your information to a database to learn about how to make the best varnish – why the top varnishes are the best and which products are your favorite.

And again your info is published to a Live Map of the results so you can read and see what everyone else is saying about their preferred and least favorite brands and varnish types. There are a lot of systems and choices out there and we endeavor to understand what makes a great varnish great!

Thanks for participating!


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