Hydrofoil Cruising – Why Not Fly?


Why not fly behind the boat instead of being dragged? Imagine if Orville and Wilbur Wright had said, “No thanks, we’re happy just towing the plane behind the … car? Foiling is taking off as the latest waterborne craze and we are right there with it.  We love being out on the boat and being towed on surfboard, wakeboard, tube or waterskis. So why not get some lift involved?

Tow behind hydrofoiling was embraced by our pals at Waterlust who share their passion for all things water, boat and foil. Leave it to them to work with Sperry and elevation pros, Go Foil, to bring this idea to video reality.  Kai Lenny, super waterman and pro SUP/ Surfer, even got himself foiling off Hawaii on his SUP without a boat towing him (Video here) and plenty of other hydrofoiling is going on. We also love kite foiling and of course, sail foiling. But none look as approachable as this version. With the help of the boat and the magic of video, getting UP and going could be the most challenging part – as is always the case.

So enjoy the ride and dream of summer when we can all be back out, like the Floridians, enjoying the waves. We can’t wait!

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