KiteWing: Flying on Ice


Right alongside foiling SUP boards, kite foiling and flying boats comes this cool video from former TotalBoat Intern and super video maker, Annie Tuthill. Annie loves to fly on ice with her Kitewing sail which can be used with skis, as she does, or with skates, rollerblades or even snowboards. Watch this video and then picture yourself flying with a Kitewing over snowbanks, frozen lakes or even with a skateboard! (although not condoned apparently by Kitewing…) I mean who doesn’t want to harness the power of the wind to go faster on land, hard water or even pavement? 

The Kitewing website touts the versatility, portability and safety. There are no strings attaching you to the sail, so when you drop the sail, you stop. Seems like something worth trying. Those crazy ice-loving Swedes and Norwegians love this wing and use it during their long winters and who knows cold, ice and fast company better than these Scandihooligans?

Check out Annie’s video below and take a spin around Lake Sunapee in NH.

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