Cold Molded Boatbuilding Sped Up

Screenshot 2017-02-08 11.55.15

Greetings, fans of boatbuilding and time lapse. In the age of modern video and boatbuilding, there is no finer combo than speeding up a big, complex job to be just a few minutes. These boatbuilders at Lyman Morse in Maine make it look easy in real time, but once it’s sped up – it just takes a few minutes to lay down the layers of planking on this cold-molded hull.

Lyman-Morse’s newest sailboat, Anna, designed by Stephens Waring Yacht Design is the embodiment of a Spirit of Tradition yacht. The yacht, Anna, will be perfect for both day sailing and racing. The LM team is on full-time turning this architectural wonder into reality. Their work made the planking of the first three layers of the cold-molded hull a seamless endeavor. They gave themselves a 2-hour window to complete this section. They beat it with a half hour to spare!

Photographer Alison Langley captured the process beautifully, showing us how preparation for jobs like this and precision technique make a job look easy. As does the time lapse. Have a look!

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